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WOD + Tabata Squat Holds

Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

“Scaled Annie”
100 – 80 – 60 – 40 – 20
Single Unders
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

Goal: Sub 10 minutes

Post WOD: Tabata Squats with active rest
– perform as many air squats as you can in the 20 seconds, but hold the bottom of the squat for the 10 seconds of rest. This is active rest so hold good squat form at the bottom i.e. hip crease breaks below your knee bend, hips up, big chest, knees out, shoulders back, & feet flat

Notes: For RX’d Annie perform 50 double unders then 50 abmat sit-ups, 40 double unders then 40 abmat sit-ups, etc… For scaled Annie perform 100 single unders then 50 regular sit ups, 80 single unders then 40 sit-ups, etc.
Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest


With (2) 2.5lbs plates or (2) cans perform:

10 Shoulder raises across

10 Shoulder raises diagonal

10 Shoulder front raises

Ab Warm Up:

10 Sit-ups to Pike

10 Sit-ups to Wide

Double Under Warm Up:

20 Singles

20 Jump Taps

For a total of 30 reps perform 3 singles + 1 double under

30 Double Unders or 30 Singles


Double Under Tips ‘n Tricks

If you’re struggling with getting double unders spend at least 8-10 minutes on double under practice, and stick to these tips:

Start with 30 jump taps i.e. jump and tap the sides of your hips twice. This is to simulate the timing of the rope passing underneath your feet.

– start with feet together

– keep your core tight

– stand tall

– jump using your ankles with a slight bend in the knees i.e. be a spring *bounce out of the bottom of the jump*

– make small fast circles with your wrists

– put your hands in your peripheral vision remember to always be able to see your hands to avoid catching the rope on the back of your feet

– jump high

*remember to don’t stop jumping high and don’t stop spinning the rope*

WOD + Ab Work

Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

AMRAP in 15 mins of…

200m Single Arm DB Farmer’s Walk
20 Single Arm DB Push Presses
20 Ball Slams

Goal: +4 Rounds
Notes: Alternate arms after each round

Ab Work:
4 Rounds
1 minute Plank
1 minute Left Plank
1 Minute Right Plank
1 minute Rest

Notes: Set a running clock. Try to hold each plank for the full minute. Flex butt & hamstrings


With a PVC pipe perform:

2 Rounds

10 Pass Overs

10 Around the Worlds

10 Push Presses

WOD Prep

With a DB perform:

2 Rounds

50m Farmer Walk (R)

50m Farmer Walk (L)

10 Ball Slams

50m Overhead DB Walk (R)

50m Overhead DB Walk (L)

10 DB Push Presses (each arm)

Notes: Press the DB over your head like at the top of a push press, and walk remember to have an active shoulder at the top


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

For Time of…

Buy in: 800m Run
10 Rounds:
10 kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls
12 push-ups
15 air squats
Buy out: 800m Run

Goal: sub 25 minutes

Cool Down: 5 minutes of Pigeon Stretch


Dynamic Warm Up

high knees (down & back)

butt kicks (down & back)

punter’s kicks (down & back)

chicken walk (one way)

lunge & rotate (one way)

walk on toes forward (down & back)

walk on toes inward (down & back)

walk on toes outward (down & back)

10 squats wide stance

10 squats narrow stance (feet & knees together)

10 air squats

10 push ups

10 sumo deadlift

10 sumo deadlift high pulls

hydrate & start workout


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

AMRAP in 15 minutes of…

20 Kettlebell Single Arm Front Squats
20 Plate Ground-to-Overheads

Notes: Kettlebell must be in one arm in true front rack position. Athlete can alternate arms as needed to hold KB

Metcon + Ab work

Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

5 Rounds for Time of…

3 Kettlebell Deadlifts
6 KB/DB Push Presses
12 KB/DB Step-ups

Ab work: Tabata Medball Russian Twists

Notes: sub reverse lunges for step ups if no access to a 24″ or 20″ box
– tabata means 8 Rounds of 20 seconds of work & 10 seconds of rest


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

2x 800m Runs
w/ work to rest ratio of 1:1
4x 400m Runs
w/ work to rest ratio of 2:1
examples: If you run 800m in 3:20 then you rest for 3:20 then, start your next run. If you run 400m in 1:20 then you rest for 50 seconds. At the end of the 50 sec you start your next run.
Goal is to aim for consistent run times
Score is the accumulative time spent running without the rest so keep track of run times


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

For Time of…


(2x) Kettlebell Front Rack Lunges
Lateral Jumps

-reps of the front rack lunges are done double the amount so do 20 lunges followed by 10 dips then 10 lat. jumps, 18 lunges then 9 dips and 9 lateral jumps, etc…*
-dips can be used on a bench, couch, bed, etc.”
-lat. jumps can be used with a PVC pipe on the ground, but you can also add books underneath to add a certain height. Try to aim for about 6 inches


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

AMRAP in 20 minutes of…

400m run
10 Single Arm Thrusters
1 minute of Hollow Rock Hold

*thrusters can all be done on one arm be round or alternating arms*
*hollow rock hold is total accumulative time*


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

For Time…

21 – 15 – 9

abmat sit-ups
Goblet squats


Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

3 Rounds for Time of…

17 Kettlebell Swings
17 Push Ups
21 Double Unders