WOD + Gymnastic Work

Capstone CrossFit – CrossFit

5 Rounds for Time…

40 Single Arm Kettlebell Deadlifts
15 Dips

Gymnastics Work:
Accumulate a total of 4 minutes of handstand hold
Advanced – free standing handstand hold
Intermediate – using a wall handstand hold
Novice – using a box or pike position handstand hold
Notes: For single arm kettlebell deadlifts alternate arms as needed
For the handstand hold break as long as needed between holds to reach that total of 4 minutes


Dynamic Warm-up

Chicken walk (down & back)

Punters kicks (down & back)

Hurdle stretch (down & back)

3 Rounds

10 Kettlebell windmills (each side)

10 PVC Goodmornings

1 minute each side of towel/PVC shoulder stretch

WOD Prep

10 KB Deadlifts (both arms on KB)

10 Negative Dips (3 seconds to lower then extend back up)

10 Single arm KB deadlifts (each arm)

10 Dips

hydrate and start workout