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Caveman Clash & Cook Off

The Clash and Cook Off is a 2 day event where the proceeds from the cook off go to benefit the non-profit organization Tough As Nails.

The Clash…

  • Teams of 2 (Male/Male & Female/Female)
  • 2 Divisions (RX and Scaled
  • 4 event over 2 days (1 Friday & 3 Saturday)
  • Athletes will also judge the paleo cook off

Ready to compete in the Clash? Click HERE!!

The Cook Off…

This is a separate competition from the Clash. Competitors will have to opportunity to showcase their grilling skills by cooking up some delicious paleo meats.

  • Click HERE to see the official rulebook for the Cook Off
  • Click HERE for the city ordinance on food preparation and distribution
  • Click HERE for a checklist from the city on food preparation and distribution
  • Competitors should expect to provide SAMPLES for up to 160 athletes competing in the clash along with some of the spectators.

Ready to compete in the Cook Off? Click HERE!!

Need a room for the comp?

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***Please Note that you must call to book your room. You CANNOT book through the website.***


Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support of the Caveman Clash. Without you, none of this would be possible!







Workout 1 is a 13 minute AMRAP.
Partners will alternate REPS. 
-Wall Balls: 
Partners will toss the ball back and forth hitting the preset target on the wall (10′ for men, 9′ for women). We will be looking for full depth in the squat and contact at or above the target on the wall. 
-Lateral Burpees
Partners will alternate lateral burpees over the bar. RX may step down and step up in the burpee, but must have a 2 foot take off when jumping over the bar. Scaled may step down, step up and step over. Resting partner may begin their burpee as soon as the first partner lands on the other side. 
-Alternating Handstand Push-Ups (RX)
At least 1 partner must be inverted in the handstand with the hips off the wall and shoulders locked out to begin the rep. Both partners may be inverted at the same time but only one may perform a rep at a time. Partner one will complete their handstand push up by touching the head to the specified surface and reaching full extension with the arms locked out. Once Partner one completes the lockout of the arms with the feet on the wall and hips extended AND the judge counts the rep, partner 2 may begin their rep. Beginning the rep too early will result in a “No Rep”. The resting partner does not need to be inverted in order for the other partner’s rep to count. 
-Synchronized Push-Up (Scaled)
Both partners will begin in a plank position with the arms locked out. Both partners must touch their chest to the floor before either partner can come up. Both partners must reach extension in the arms before descending for the next rep. Push-ups from the knees will not be allowed. If the chest leaves the floor before the hips, the rep will not count.
Workout #2 is 8 rounds for time:
Partners will alternate movements meaning 1 partner will complete all required reps of a movement before the other partner may begin. 1 partner will work at a time while the other partner rests.
-Alternating Dumbbell Snatch
The rep begins with the athlete standing tall and the dumbbell on the floor. The athlete will reach down with one hand and extend the dumbbell overhead in one motion. The non-lifting hand must be extended away from the body and may not assist with the lift. The lift is complete when the athlete locks out the hips, knees and shoulder with the dumbbell overhead. The athlete may alternate hands in the air or the ground as long as both heads of the dumbbell touch the ground before each rep. If the dumbbell is dropped from above the waste, the previous rep WILL NOT count.
-Double Unders (RX)
The resting athlete may have the rope in hand and begin jumping once the other partner completes the last rep of the dumbbell snatch. The rope must pass under the feet twice in one jump for the reps to count.
-Lateral Barbell Jumps (Scaled)
There will be an empty barbell on the floor. The partner completing the jumps will begin on one side of the bar and the rep is complete when they jump to the other side of the bar. A 2 foot take off is required and stepping over will not be allowed.
-Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks
The dumbbell must rest on the floor until all 50 reps of the previous movement are completed. Once completed, the athlete may deadlift the dumbbell to full extension and begin their reps. The dumbbell must come from below the waist to the shoulder, then from shoulder to full extension overhead. The non-lifting hand may not assist in the lift, nor may it touch the body during the lift. The lift is complete when the hips, knees and shoulders are locked out with the dumbbell over head. The athlete may switch hands whenever they’d like. If the dumbbell is dropped from above the waste, the previous rep WILL NOT count.