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How To Get Started

We know that starting anything new can be confusing and sometimes intimidating.  That’s why we have made it as easy as possible to become a part of our Capstone community.  The simple steps outlined below will walk you through the process to become part of the community at Capstone CrossFit.  If you still have questions after reading the steps to joining our community, feel free to fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll fill you in and anything you’d like to know!


Sign our Waiver and Check us out. We love visitors at Capstone CrossFit! We believe that  joining in one of our classes is the best way to experience the culture CrossFit provides. However, if you would rather observe, you are welcome to do that as well.

Either way you are welcome to visit any our our regularly scheduled classes. Simply click HERE to sign our standard online waiver and schedule your class!

Please ARRIVE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE CLASS you wish to attend, find the coach (It won’t be hard. They’ll be wearing a coaches shirt.) and let them know you are new to CrossFit. They will take great care of you. The coaches will walk you through the movements for the day and show you how to participate at your current level of ability. We have a process called Elements that will help familiarize you with all of the skills and movements. Our coaches will talk with you after the class about signing up!


Attend an “Elements” Workshop.As an introduction to the Capstone CrossFit community, all new members attend an Elements Workshop.  This one time, 60 minute session, followed by a walk through of your first group class. It is designed to both educate and allow new members to practice the diversity of functional movements that will be used in our workouts.  Because correct execution of the functional movements is critical to an efficient, productive, safe workout, Elements classes are REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW MEMBERS.   Email me at capstonecf@gmail.com to schedule your Elements Workshop today.


Determine which membership best fits your lifestyle and budget, and start your membership. We offer 2 options as far as frequency of the classes you can attend: 3 times per week (12 classes in a calendar month), or Unlimited Classes.  We do not require our members to sign multi-month or long term contracts.  All of our memberships are sold month-to-month.


Get Started on Achieving your Fitness Goals.  After finishing your Elements classes you will be ready to begin participating in any of our CrossFit Classes.  Our Coaches will guide you through our classes with detailed instructions on the workout of the day as well as individual attention to help you with any questions you may have.  Members new to CrossFit will be provided instructions on how to scale the workout to challenge themselves at their present fitness level. It is that easy.  Email me at capstonecf@gmail.com, and take step 1 towards your PEAK fitness.