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Our Staff

All of our coaches and the staff at Capstone CrossFit are focused on one thing… Helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Our coaches are what makes Capstone CrossFit the best strength and conditioning program provider in Lubbock. Let’s face it, there is a lot of noise out there telling you what you should do to get fit. With all of the gym offers, specialized machines, and infomercials, there can be a sense of skepticism and frustration about whom to trust and what really works.

In all of the examples above, YOU have to research, identify, monitor, and modify your strength and conditioning program for it to be successful. And even if you consistently invest hours on your fitness, many of the programs, machines, and gym facilities simply cannot provide a program that produces full body fitness over the long term.

At Capstone CrossFit, our coaches take care of all of this. All you have to do is consistently show up and push yourself in the workouts our coaches design. That is it. All of our coaches have completed various CrossFit training courses, and they are enthusiastic about motivating and instructing each of our members to achieve a higher level of fitness. Our coaches’ experience and technical knowledge in applying the CrossFit methodologies will produce measurable results over time regardless of where your fitness level is when you start. Whether you are attending a scheduled CrossFit class, a CrossFit specialty class, or you have arranged individual personal training from one of our coaches, you will be receiving instructions, demonstrations, knowledge, and support that will take the guesswork out of getting fit.