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Personal Training

Who am I?

My Name is John Forburger, Owner of Capstone CrossFit. I am a former Navy Seabee with a passion for fitness. I am a father to a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I’ve played multiple sports throughout my life and I have been doing and coaching CrossFit for over 7 years. I am well versed in advancing fitness using functional movements and varying loads and intensities to meet your fitness goals.

Why Personal Training?

Group classes are an amazing way to gain instant accountability partners, ingrain yourself in the community, and have fun getting in shape. But sometimes, one-on-one or small group sessions will suit you better. Whether you’re new and would like to get comfortable before jumping into a group setting, or maybe you’re an experienced crossfitter who would like to hone some skills, personal training is a great option for you!

What do you get?

Personal training is not just a workout, it’s a relationship. For that reason, each new client starts with a FREE evaluation session. In this session, we discuss your goals, evaluate your fitness and mobility and determine the best route to achieve those fitness goals.

Each session after your initial meeting will be a personalized workout that is programmed to achieve your individual fitness goals. This workout will include a warm-up, instruction period, workout, and cool down. 

What’s the cost?

Individual Session$40
Individual Session for Capstone Members $30

5 Classes$180
5 Classes for Capstone Members $130

Ready to get started? Have Questions?

Please contact us using this simple form. Let me know who you are and what your goals are and lets start working on crushing them!